Ahoy! magazine from 1986

A friend of mine recently gave me an old magazine he found as he was cleaning out his house. It is the August 1986 issue of Ahoy! magazine, a magazine for Commodore users. While I was too young at that time to be an Ahoy! reader, I very much enjoyed taking a look back at the history contained in this old magazine. There were articles about BASIC and assembly language programming for the C64 and C128 as well as an article on the new Amiga 1000! I was particular amused by an ad for SEXTEX, “The nation’s leading erotic computer communications network.” It’s really sad, but I somehow find it interesting how “adult” entertainment goes back so far in the history of computing. $12.95 apparently bought you a lifetime membership to this service. “Call or write for your FREE brochure – your computer will never be the same.” Indeed.