Apple IIgs Mini-ITX

Ok, I’ve now got KEGS running on my Mini-ITX box. I was able to install GSOS 6.0.1 on a hard drive image along with several games (including Wolfenstein 3D). I have downloaded many of the IIgs disk images available and am able to play many of the classics I remember and some I never had the opportunity to play. I’ve incorporated the Apple IIgs disk images into my Freevo configuration to allow selecting games from within that interface just as I do with my other video game emulators, but KEGS does not allow me to pass an image file in on the command line. Instead, it operates using a conf file which specifies which image to load. I plan on writing a script that takes the image file argument and inserts it into the conf file before starting the emulator. I think that should work pretty well. As for now, the emulator starts up from Freevo, it just boots off of the hard drive image. I can switch disks from within the emulator. I am enjoying having a IIgs around again, sort of.