Apple's Mighty Mouse

Well, I got a chance to test drive Apple’s new mouse recently. Like many people, I was excited about this mouse because it is the first time Apple has released a multi-button mouse. This in and of itself was pretty remarkable, but in true Apple fashion, they had to do something new and innovative with the way they put it together. The buttons were actually touch sensitive, like an iPod scrollpad or the Apple Cinema Display controls, perhaps. I think they wanted to maintain consistency with their previous mouse designs by allowing for transparent single-button mouse use, effectively hiding the extra buttons from novice users. So, after reading about it I was excited to try it out when I went to my local Apple store.

Alas, I was very disappointed. I don’t know, perhaps it was just worn out from all the testing this single display model must have gotten, but it just did not feel very good at all to me. The little scroll nob was pretty cool, but right-clicking seemed too difficult. I really had to work at it to get it to recognize my right-clicks. The left-clicking was fine, it just seemed like single-button pro mouse in that regard. The side buttons were very awkward and I couldn’t get them to register 100%, either. Maybe I was just doing something wrong, but I doubt it. Anyway, it really let me down. Maybe the bluetooth version will be improved. I’m not really interested, anyway. I love my Logitech MX900 bluetooth mouse.