Blog migration

I just migrated my blog from bblog to wordpress. I really like my new blogging engine and plan to stick with it. (migration is kind of a pain). I also moved the blog to the root of the site as my website has become more blog-centric in recent months. I don’t yet have the best system worked out for incorporating my static pages into the site design, but site navigation is still provided from the blog. I’m still tweaking the CSS for the site, but am comfortable enough with the design to go live with it.

More about the migration: I wrote a script that migrated my blog from bblog to wordpress. It wasn’t too difficult; it just took a little time. I am providing it here for the convenience of any other switchers. The script is not perfect and there will be some data lost in migration due to the different db schemas, but take it for what its worth.

I believe the new engine and new appearance really add value to my site, and I hope I can perhaps become a greater part of the blogging community out there.