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Building blocks for an OS? › Bare-metal Macintosh Programming - Part 2
Booting a Mac Plus without Mac OS › Bare-metal Macintosh Programming - Part 1
impress.js - I'm impressed.
Another great startup: WeatheRate
Retrocomputing Update
Raspberry Pi Ordered
Back on IPv6, and it feels so good
Shamelessly promoting my company, Campground Automation Systems
Bearwaller Gap Trail
TI's MSP430 Launchpad: Budget Embedded
Summary for RetroChallenge 2009
Down to the Wire(less)
They don't call it a challenge for nothing
Getting down to business
Everything is on it's way to my house except me!
RetroChallenge Update #1
Entry to RetroChallenge 2009
Site online again
Article on Macs in the Enterprise
Gordon Home Care featured on AHSS site
OpenWrt Presentation at NLUG meeting this Wednesday
How to set the clock in open firmware
Tennyson the Top Dog
Ralink Mac driver support
OpenDarwin project shutting down
IPv6 support in Bacula
Butterfly XML
Wonderland Trail
Chenuis Falls Trail
Gardening is fun
Who cares? I do.
XML Tools and EDI conversion
New kernel for Mac OS X?
Apple Pro Keyboard on Windows XP
Earthlink's "IPv6 In the Home"
High Performance Computing for Mac OS X
BibleReaderME tested on Treo 650
New Trail Log Added
Big Frog Mountain Trail
Whigg Meadow
Big Frog Mountain Trail
We Need MOSIX for Darwin / Mac OS X
Desperation in the form of bot activity?
To the top of Big Frog and back
Mac OS X Server 10.4.5 update breaks RagePro
Pleased with AppleCare
Great observations on "event-driven" church
Safari and Cacti
iPod development fun
Overclocked Macintosh Server G3 running Darwin 8.0.1
Refurbing my own PowerBook battery
Apple's Mighty Mouse
Too busy to write about it
BibleReaderME Beta 1 Released!
Backpacking with Ticks
Uptime lament
Tiger confirmed to run on PowerBook G3 Lombard
Installing Tiger on Lombard
Xserve G5 Hardware RAID pains
I'm your firestarter
OpenWrt upgrade
Reporting: Tiger on Lombard
SCSI Ethernet
Localtalk Bridge and MacIP routing
Realtor Plug
Natchez Trace Parkway
Do you feel lucky?
New Site Design!
BibleReaderME site launched
Wacom ArtZ II working with 68k Mac OS 7.5.5
Type 3 Errors
Replaced the 68LC040 with a 68040
The Best of Both Worlds
Ahoy! magazine from 1986
Even More Mac overclocking!
Making use of my PowerBook 1400
Donating to Firefox
Backpacking again
IPv6 Tunnel back up
OpenWrt is amazing!
Gifts from Novell
OpenWrt ready to go
Successful IIsi clock chipping!
More OpenDarwin Shenanigans
OpenDarwin 7.2.1 on Latitude D600
Clock chipping update
Back on the 6bone
Ordered a 50Mhz Full-size TTL crystal oscillator
Caffe Nonna
Getting Greedy
Overclocked PowerBook G3 Lombard
Web browsers for 68k Macs
I found a real, live BBS!
Impressions of Safari 2.0 Preview
Blog migration
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Preview installed on PowerBook G3 Lombard
Divx movies on a SparcStation 2
mod_gzip added to
Repaired PowerBook G3
IPv6 Devices Multiplying at Home!
No Tie Fighter
iTunes 4.5 has IPv6 support
Chernobyl mentioned on Slashdot
Apple IIgs Mini-ITX
Chernobyl Ghost Town
Tie Fighter and Apple II
OmniGraffle Webpage Skeleton AppleScript