Pleased with AppleCare

I just wanted to write a bit of praise here for AppleCare today. Yesterday, I noticed that my PowerBook’s power adapter had stopped working. It appeared to be a worn cable. I take good care of my PowerBook and accessories, so it was really just a matter of two years of solid use. Anyway, AppleCare said they’d replace it, but the replacement part wouldn’t arrive for 5-7 days and that I wouldn’t be able to track it. Well, as it turns out, they shipped it overnight via DHL and they did send me a tracking number. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my replacement power adapter about 24 hours after my call to AppleCare. Let’s hope they keep up the good response as I enter my third year. Read More ›

Great observations on "event-driven" church

I just wanted to post this link here to a blog entry from Shaun Grove’s Blog regarding what he calls event-driven church. His thoughts mirror my own thoughts on the subject, though I’ve never really articulated them as he has done so well in his post. My denomination gets several honorable mentions throughout his post, and I think Shaun observed correctly, that the Seventh-day Adventist church has fewer problems when it comes to event-driven church. I think it is somehow easy for us in the SDA church to avoid the event-driven philosophy of doing church, but perhaps this comes too easily. Praise and worship on the scale of the larger, event-driven churches must have its place, no? I believe the key is praise and worship that truly comes from the heart of one who has been redeemed and understands what an unbelievable gift that is. Praise and worship must come from a true desire to give praise to our Creator and Redeemer. If this is forced, I doubt that it’s any more pleasing to God’s ears than the most half-hearted hymn-sing. Read More ›

Safari and Cacti

I’ve recently set up Cacti on my home office network for monitoring bandwidth usage, system load, memory usage, etc. Cacti is a phenomenal tool that allows you to create graphs for these various SNMP functions. I’ve been using Safari quite a bit lately, since discovering Safari Stand. But from the moment I set up Cacti, I noticed problems with Safari not loading the graph pages properly. It would report errors when trying to get the images, and often only 1 or 2 images would display, and even then, they were usually cut off. At first I thought I just needed to restart Safari, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Firefox has no problem loading the Cacti pages just fine, so it does not appear to be a server issue.

Perhaps I’m experiencing what this guy was experiencing. It sounds familiar, anyway. Now I won’t go so far as to say Safari sucks like he did, but it is frustrating that I can’t rely on it to display my network graphs. Anyway, if anyone else has experienced this, or perhaps knows of any fix for such problems, sound off below in the comments. Read More ›

iPod development fun

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about my tech exploits, so I thought I’d just mention a bit about one my latest endeavors. I got an iPod nano a couple of months ago and recently discovered This is a truly amazing project! I’ve gotten my nano to play full-speed, full-color video clips as if it were the new iPod Video. I’ve played chess on it, rendered fractals, and taken notes. I’ve also begun doing a bit of development for it myself, just to scratch an itch, so to speak. I’m actually cross-compiling my own kernel as I write this. If you have an iPod, I encourage you to give it a try, at least if you are a bit technically inclined… it’s not for the novice. (At least not yet) Read More ›

Overclocked Macintosh Server G3 running Darwin 8.0.1

I recently picked up a Macintosh Server G3 from eBay for less than $20. It came equipped with 64MB of RAM and a 233Mhz CPU. I quickly replaced the 64MB with 512MB and began working on overclocking the meager CPU. I tried 300Mhz, but it just wasn’t stable, so I stuck with 266Mhz, which has been rock solid under OS 9, OS X and Darwin. I installed a 20GB HD and installed Darwin 8.0.1 along with Mac OS 9.1. And the reason I picked the Mac Server G3 was because it has a real physical serial port which I can use to serial console to my server and use Open Firmware to boot into Darwin or Mac OS 9. My intention is to set it up as pure Darwin server running directory services for my Mac clients at home. I may have to wait for OpenDarwin 8.2.1 for that, however. Read More ›