OpenWrt upgrade

I recently upgraded to the latest CVS of OpenWrt, a custom Linux distribution designed for the Linksys Wrt54G wireless access point / router and similar devices. I’ve got to say that the new build process is incredible! Great job guys! I, for one, am one very happy user. Using a “make menuconfig” build process, I was able to select the specific packages and kernel options/modules I wanted on my custom firmware. I wanted IPv6, Openswan IPsec, and wondershaper QOS. So far, everything looks great and I was able to bring my iptables config over from the old OpenWrt installation. I may add things like a simple SIP router or BGP routing. After all, I still have 500kB left on the flash. ;)

The only thing I’m really wondering about at this point is if there is any way to install shorewall on another Linux box simply for the setup of the rules for my router. I don’t want shorewall actually running on the other Linux host. I just want to be able to use the shorewall scripts to create my iptables rules for my router. Anyway, if anyone knows how to do such a thing, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll just try to figure it out as I have time. Read More ›

Reporting: Tiger on Lombard

Ok, many people have visited my site in the past several months searching for info on Lombard support in Tiger. This is because I posted earlier about my running the WWDC version of Tiger successfully on my PowerBook G3 Lombard. Until now, the Lombard has been supported by each release of Mac OS X. In fact, the performance seemed to improve over each release. Naturally, Lombard users want to take advantage of the new features found in Tiger. Unfortunately, I am sad to report that the installer would not allow me to install on my Lombard, explaining that it was not a supported machine.

I cannot explain specifically why Apple chose to cut out the Lombard in Tiger. I doubt that Firewire hardware itself is technically necessary to run Tiger. Many Lombard users may not have the DVD drive, or have the 333Mhz version which is arguably long in tooth now, but many of us are still using quite solid 400Mhz machines (or 466Mhz in my case). Again, I cannot say exactly why Tiger does not officially support the Lombard, but perhaps it is best. Ever since installing Gentoo PPC on my Lombard, I have thoroughly enjoyed the performance boost. Panther is of course still a very fine OS, as well. I expect it will be well supported for some time to come.

In the meantime, someone may find a way to trick the installer into installing on the Lombard. (Someone always does) And when they do, I will be interested in reading about it.

I do hope this helps the Lombard users out there who had been wondering about this. Read More ›

SCSI Ethernet

I just received the SCSI Ethernet adapter I ordered using eBay. It is a Dayna SCSI Pocket/Link and I’m very excited about it! It is powered via ADB and comes with an innovative cable that can connect to DB-25 SCSI or HDI-30, meaning I can use it either on my old Mac Classic or on my PowerBook 165c. I haven’t gotten the drivers installed and working yet, but I’m very anxious to do so. Just another way of connecting my old Macs to my network and keeping them useful. ;) Read More ›

Localtalk Bridge and MacIP routing

First of all, let me say that I have not been posting very frequently because of the recent move and all the unpacking and other work involved with that. I’ve gotten a lot done on the new house and my wiring job looks great! I have wired 9 Cat5e connections throughout the house and patched them in to a nice panel in the basement. It’s a nice project.

I’ve made a little bit more progress working on my goal of having a fully-functional computer museum/lab set up at home. I’m trying to make my really old Macs a bit more useful by networking them with the rest of my machines. Some of the oldest Macs do not have Ethernet, but only Localtalk networking available. By installing the Localtalk Bridge control panel on my fastest 68k Mac, I was able to get my Mac Classic to communicate with my Linux server running netatalk using a Localtalk cable connected via printer ports on the two Macs.

My next step is to install NetBSD on my IIsi and set up macipgw so that I can route MacIP to my Classic over Localtalk. That’ll be exciting! I’ll keep you posted. Read More ›

Realtor Plug

I just wanted to take a moment and plug our realtor. For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I just bought a house near White House, TN, just North of Nashville. Steve Wright of Love and Yount Realty was exceptionally helpful throughout the entire process and continues to be involved now more than a week after closing. We just don’t have enough good things to say about him, so we recommend that if you are looking for a realtor in this area, Steve is your man. You can visit his website to learn more or go ahead and email him. Read More ›