Natchez Trace Parkway

Jolene and I took a picnic lunch and drove down to the Natchez Trace Parkway last Sabbath. It was a beautiful day (though perhaps a bit chilly) and we had been meaning to see what the Natchez Trace was like. We drove through historic Franklin and Leiper’s Fork to get to the parkway. We didn’t travel too far south on the parkway, just to the Garrison Creek area. The dogs played while we ate our lunch and when we were done, we hit the trail. The hiking trail was quite enjoyable with some beautiful views. There were several creek crossings and the dogs just loved it.

The thing that was perhaps the most impressive, however, was the parkway itself. It was one of the most scenic drives I’ve taken. The parkway is fairly unique in that it remains mostly isolated from the roadways around it. There were only a few exits we saw in the 30 or so miles of it we traveled to the northern terminus in Nashville. We should be posting some pictures on our website shortly. Read More ›

Do you feel lucky?

I always enjoy watching my web server logs to see what people are searching for on my site. I recently discovered that I am a very popular site for people searching for “caffe nonna.” Caffe Nonna is an excellent Italian restaurant located here in Nashville, TN. I wrote a review of the restaurant some time ago, and this is what people are hitting when searching for Caffe Nonna. In fact, my site is currently the number one result for “caffe nonna” on Google.

As a result, I’ve decided to post some additional information for people looking for more info about Caffe Nonna. You can visit the official Cafe Nonna website. (which has a very low Google pagerank, apparently) The directions are helpful, too. I hope this helps redirect people to the right place. And again, I highly recommend the Citrus-Ricotta Cheesecake. It is not always available, so you have to ask for it.

I also recommend Sole Mio. It is another excellent Italian restaurant. Bon Apetit! Read More ›

New Site Design!

As you can see, (or not, if you’re only using the RSS feed) I just updated the appearance of the site. Thanks to my friend, David Benton, I’ve learned a lot recently about proper modern website design using XHTML/CSS. I did all of the site design from scratch using Vim. The graphic elements were produced using Photoshop 7. I still have to track down the 3 pixel vertical gap showing up in IE 6. If you are using IE, just know that that white gap is not supposed to be there. Also, if you really are still using IE, do yourself a huge favor and get Firefox. Anyway, enjoy the new improved look and site navigation. Read More ›

BibleReaderME site launched

To accompany the new site design news, I should mention that I’ve launched a site for my BibleReaderME project. BibleReaderME is a Java J2ME application designed to allow users to read the Bible on their cell phone or other mobile device. I’ve been working on it for the past year in my spare time and believe it is nearly ready to distribute. I am currently seeking Beta testers who are willing to do compatibility testing as well as provide other feedback. If you have a Java-capable cell phone or mobile device and are interested, email me or leave a comment on this post. Read More ›

Wacom ArtZ II working with 68k Mac OS 7.5.5

I just got my old Wacom ArtZ II tablet working with my PowerBook 165c. The tablet uses a Serial (DB9) interface, and I’ve successfully used it on several Macs running OS 9 using a Keyspan USB-to-serial PDA adapter. But I just recently got to wondering if I could get it running via the serial port on my older 68k Macs. The first trick was finding the drivers. I had to dig around in Wacom’s FTP site for a while, but I found the Mac OS 7-compatible drivers. The second trick was adapting the DB9 to the DIN-8 connector of the Mac. Fortunately, I hoard serial adapters like that and quickly came up with the winning combination. Once I installed the drivers, I rebooted and the driver found my tablet just fine! Anyway, I just thought that I would share with the world that it was possible to use the Serial (non-ADB) Wacom tablets with an old Mac. Now, I just need a copy of Photoshop 3. Anyone care to donate? ;)

Oh, and the truly interesting part of this story is that the writable area of the tablet is larger than the screen on my PB 165c! Read More ›