Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Preview installed on PowerBook G3 Lombard

After recently resurrecting my PowerBook G3 Lombard, I decided to take the opportunity to try out the recently release Tiger Preview from WWDC. The OS installed just fine and is quite usable on the old hardware. The only thing I noticed right off was that any files I added to the system had some strange garbage outlining their icons in the finder. You can see it in this screenshot:</a>

<img src=”/images/Tiger_Lombard_small.jpg”/></a>

I am pretty impressed with Tiger so far. I know the strange graphics artifacts are probably just due to the fact that this prerelease software was never really intended to be installed on such old hardware. I really want to play with Xcode 2.0 preview, but I’m afraid the 400Mhz G3 just doesn’t cut it. Also, there is no way I can play with the new graphics APIs Apple has included with Tiger. But so far, so good. I’m enjoying casually exploring some of the new features of the OS and plan to put up some more of my impressions as time allows. Read More ›

Divx movies on a SparcStation 2

I just tested out watching a divx movie on my SparcStation 2. It has a 40Mhz SPARC CPU and 28MB of RAM. I ssh’d into another, faster machine and invoked mplayer with the “-vo aa” option to get ASCII art output over the console. The refresh was a little slow (partly the framebuffer of the sparc, partly the slow connection to the other computer), but the images were very recognizable. Anyway, it was a fun little exercise. Read More ›

mod_gzip added to

I just installed mod_gzip for Apache on It should speed things up slightly. Thought it would help save some precious bandwidth at home. After testing it out on, I plan to set it up for We get much more traffic to that site, but mod_gzip may not help a whole lot because the site is mostly images and mod_gzip doesn’t help very much for compressed graphics. Read More ›

Repaired PowerBook G3

The PowerBook G3 Lombard that I picked up almost two years ago died on us several months ago. My wife had been using it for all her computing needs and it was working great until she unplugged it one day from the wall and it never would power up again. I carefully dismantled it to try to determine the problem, and surmised that it must be the small board connecting the power adapter to the logic board. I really didn’t have the time to try to get a part and attempt to fix it, so I decided to sell it off for parts on eBay. But I apparently didn’t have the time for that, either, because it sat around until I decided to buy a spare power board from eBay for $20. Well, the part sat around for about a month before I could get time to install it, but I finally got around to it last night. Repairing any laptop is a challenge, and the PowerBook is no exception. In order to get to the power board, you have to remove virtually every other part of the machine. After replacing the part and reassembling the computer, I was delighted to hear the signature Apple chime when I powered it up. I started reinstalling Mac OS X Panther immediately and it booted right up. But then I noticed a bad thing. The ethernet doesn’t appear to be working now. I don’t know if it was damaged by ESD or what could’ve caused it. Before the machine went bad, we almost exclusively used a Cisco wireless card in it, so perhaps it hasn’t been operable for some time. At any rate, I’ll try to see if it is repairable and if not, I’ll just continue to use the Cisco card and/or another PCMCIA ethernet card. Anyway, I’m just thrilled that I was able to repair it for as little as $20! It’s still a great machine with great value.

Edit: The ethernet works just fine. It was a problem with my switch at work. Read More ›

IPv6 Devices Multiplying at Home!

Every computer / device on my home network is now running IPv6 and is routable via the 6bone. I have added my dual-celeron machine running apache2, (none of the following links will work for you unless you are on the 6bone) [] my 68-pin TINI [], and my 72-pin TINI-based device [].

The really cool part of this post is that I now have a servlet running on my TAD device which allows users to put a message up on the LCD display of the device. I wrote this simple servlet over the past few days and plan to add more features to it as time allows. I am not aware of any other TINIs out there on the 6bone, so I am going to boldly declare that mine is the first! ;) Certainly it is the only one with a servlet that interfaces with an LCD display. Browsing the 6bone can be boring sometimes because there are relatively few sites out there right now, so I hope this provides yet another novel experience for other 6boners out there. If you’re not on the 6bone, check it out! Read More ›