No Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter, one of the only older DOS games I own, apparently doesn’t work using dosemu or dosbox. I was able to get the installer to run and install the game onto the dosemu hard drive image, but I had no luck getting it to run properly. Oh well, there are plenty of other games to play. :) Read More ›

iTunes 4.5 has IPv6 support

I don’t know if previous versions of iTunes had IPv6, but I just tried it out using iTunes 4.5 and discovered that my connection to the IPv6 streams located at [redacted] worked just great! I have been playing with IPv6 for a while now and think it’s great. My company is on the 6bone at [redacted] and my personal site is at [redacted]. Anyway, just thought I’d share this little bit of information with y’all. Read More ›

Chernobyl mentioned on Slashdot

I found it interesting that Slashdot ran a Chernobyl headline just a week or two after I ran across the site that I commented on in my earlier blog entry. Read More ›

Apple IIgs Mini-ITX

Ok, I’ve now got KEGS running on my Mini-ITX box. I was able to install GSOS 6.0.1 on a hard drive image along with several games (including Wolfenstein 3D). I have downloaded many of the IIgs disk images available and am able to play many of the classics I remember and some I never had the opportunity to play. Read More ›

Chernobyl Ghost Town

I just came across one of the most amazing things I think I have ever seen. I appreciate the Internet all the more for making this possible. Also, I appreciate the brave people that provided these unbelievable images. I was absolutely fascinated as I went through the entire series of pages. Perhaps I am making to much of this. Go check it out for yourself (I hope this link remains good. It is hosted on angelfire, after all) Read More ›