Tie Fighter and Apple II

Jolene and I recently visited my family and I discovered my old set of Tie Fighter disks at their home. I became nostalgic as I am prone to do at times and decided to take the disks home and see if the floppies still worked. The first floppy appears to work just fine, but it does not want to install on my Windows 2000 computer. This obstacle gave rise to a great idea – incorporate this old classic into my home entertainment PC! I began researching DosEmu, and DosBox to determine whether either would run Tie Fighter. It looks like maybe Tie Fighter has problems with these two DOS emulators for Linux, but I plan on trying, anyway. It will take some work, but as I get the time, I plan on trying to add a “DOS Games” section to my Freevo menu. Read More ›

OmniGraffle Webpage Skeleton AppleScript

I have been given the task of rebuilding my company’s website. I will not have to do the design work, as we have a full-time graphic designer, but because he does not have much web experience, I am responsible for putting his design into code. I’m not too concerned about that, but what I am concerned with is the content and structure of the site. I have emphasized to our management that it doesn’t matter how good the visual design of our website is if the structural design and content are lacking. This is a problem I have faced many times before, but this time around is different. Read More ›