OpenWrt Presentation at NLUG meeting this Wednesday

I’m giving a presentation this Wednesday at the November NLUG meeting on OpenWrt. The title of my presentation is “OpenWrt: Linksys Router Hacking for Fun and Profit.” Yes, I know it is a bit of a cliched title, but I like it. I’m going to be providing a good overview of the OpenWrt distribution and project, as well as a demonstration of compilation and/or installation.

The basic idea that I will try to communicate is that if you have a supported router, there’s really no reason to be running a stock firmware! I know many NLUG’ers have such routers, and I hope I can help them unlock their full potential.

If you live in the Nashville / Middle Tennessee area, come on out! 7:00 PM Wednesday night – directions are available on the NLUG page. Read More ›


I recently tried out this open source music management application as an alternative to iTunes on my Gentoo PPC box. My initial impression is quite favorable. One of the features I found most compelling was its ability to connect to iTunes shares via DAAP and Bonjour. The only problem I experienced with this feature at present is the lack of support for iTunes 7 shares, as Apple has altered the DAAP protocol in 7. This is currently being worked on and an update is expected soon.

Anyway, as I said, I’m very impressed with this app. Not only does it have some great features, it’s written in C# for Mono! How cool is that? Another real app written for Mono! Read More ›

How to set the clock in open firmware

I just ran across this useful hint in answer to a problem I was experiencing with my Gentoo/PPC installation on my PowerBook G3. Read More ›


The talented and creative team at OmniGroup have done it again and released a new application I’m really excited about. The new app is called OmniPlan, and it is their answer to project management.

So far, OmniPlan is only available as a Beta, but so far, it’s been a solid performer for me. I’ve been a user of PMX for some time now, and it appears that the developer of PMX has been working with OmniGroup to provide an upgrade path for PMX users. I couldn’t be more pleased to see OmniGroup filling this need. I hope their efforts on OmniPlan only continue to prove that you don’t need to run Windows to run all your necessary office applications. Read More ›

Tennyson the Top Dog

I just thought I’d take the opportunity to brag about my dog, Tennyson, making the top ten list on He was up to #4 yesterday. Here’s a screenshot:


Oh, and “Rabbit, Rabbit. Read More ›