High Performance Computing for Mac OS X

In doing a bit more research on the MOSIX thing, I discovered http://hpc.sourceforge.net/ this wonderful page</a> which details the many technologies available for cluster and grid computing on Mac OS X. For example, the site describes MPI and OpenMP. There’s a lot of other info on the site that should be useful for those wanting to use Mac OS X for high performance computing (HPC). Read More ›

BibleReaderME tested on Treo 650

BibleReaderME has been confirmed to work on the Treo 650 Read More ›

New Trail Log Added

I just added a new “Trail Log” feature to replace my old, very simple one. Since moving my entire site’s content into the WordPress engine using static pages, I needed a new solution for a trail log. In this case, I decided to use the WordPress blog engine itself to record my trail log entries. I established new template files to handle the displaying of this new blog category. The result is a very functional, attractive list of trails I have hiked. It will be much easier to keep up to date and I look forward to filling it up with info. You can click the “Trail Log” link on the right, or click here. Read More ›

Big Frog Mountain Trail

Weekend trip, loop hike on Big Frog Mountain Trail, Rough Creek Trail, Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) Read More ›

Whigg Meadow

Trail from Mud Gap to Whigg Meadow in Citico Creek Wilderness Read More ›