Do you feel lucky?

I always enjoy watching my web server logs to see what people are searching for on my site. I recently discovered that I am a very popular site for people searching for “caffe nonna.” Caffe Nonna is an excellent Italian restaurant located here in Nashville, TN. I wrote a review of the restaurant some time ago, and this is what people are hitting when searching for Caffe Nonna. In fact, my site is currently the number one result for “caffe nonna” on Google.

As a result, I’ve decided to post some additional information for people looking for more info about Caffe Nonna. You can visit the official Cafe Nonna website. (which has a very low Google pagerank, apparently) The directions are helpful, too. I hope this helps redirect people to the right place. And again, I highly recommend the Citrus-Ricotta Cheesecake. It is not always available, so you have to ask for it.

I also recommend Sole Mio. It is another excellent Italian restaurant. Bon Apetit!