Down to the Wire(less)

Hey everybody… I haven’t posted more recently because I have had some pretty major roadblocks. Most of the things I expected to be easy have been anything but. Also, I have been awaiting several prototyping components for the actual Apple II card for weeks now and alas, after having just checked the mail, I know that I won’t even have a few minutes to put the parts together for a quick test today.

Unfortunately, the real problem appears to be my Treo itself. It seems to have some serious objections to communicating with either Bluetooth module I picked up. (Though I have received confirmation that other Treos work fine.) I am awaiting some last minute support from Bluegiga regarding this issue and am hopeful for good news.

The circuit design and board layout are still in early stages, as these other problems have been such a challenge.

I will also be doing a complete writeup/summary of the project later today, and while I am disappointed that some things have been such a challenge, I am also very encouraged that none of these things have proved impossible to overcome. I have confidence that I’ll be able to resolve them soon. As for the competition, I think there are some accomplishments/revelations worthy of note, and will detail those in my later summary.