Earthlink's "IPv6 In the Home"

I happened to be looking over the Linksys WRT54G article on Wikipedia today and discovered an interesting external link. The article linked to a page that is a part of Earthlink’s R&D site ( describing a custom firmware Earthlink developed for deploying IPv6 into the home. The firmware is based on the Linksys firmware, but provides IPv6 routing capabilities and appears to be configured to work specifically with Earthlink’s IPv6 service.

I’m thrilled to see this kind of project. This kind of thing is just the thing that will speed the adoption of IPv6 in the home. Earthlink makes a pretty strong disclaimer regarding the quality of the firmware, but I imagine it mostly works just fine. They even addressed security concerns for opening up home network computers using publicly routable IPv6 addresses by providing a strong firewall configuration by default. It also appears that this service is open to anyone, not just Earthlink subscribers.

Really, I’m happy to see such a project and I hope that this and other similar projects help make IPv6 more practical. As IPv6 deployment becomes more practical, I see real potential in online gaming, such as Xbox Live or the Nintendo Revolution’s online game service. Anyway, check it out.