Everything is on it's way to my house except me!

Ok, I know I haven’t posted very regular updates, but there is a good reason for that… I’ve been out of town for the past 3 weeks or so and I won’t return until this weekend. So I’ve basically had to make all of this time strictly my “planning” stage. Of course, for this project, the long planning phase has been beneficial as I’m working with some things that I am very new to – programmable logic devices, the Apple II, and these specific parts. So while I’m definitely anxious to get hands-on with the circuit, I’ve certainly made the most of my planning time. I’ve had to make the most of it, as the testing/implementation stages of my project are going to be crammed into the last two weeks of the challenge. I can only hope things go relatively smoothly at that point.

I am happy to report that I’ve now ordered all of the parts that I will need to begin prototyping my circuit as soon as I return home. I’ll post pics of all the parts when I get them unpacked. I ended up settling on the WT-32 BlueGiga module from SparkFun. This module has some great features that set it apart from the BlueSMIRF modules. I hope to have to explore some of these additional features an sneak them into my entry as “bonus” features. I definitely think there are more applications for this module than simply interfacing with my Treo. ;)

Also, I’ve got a rudimentary board layout put together. This is mostly to determine how much board space I’ll need. It’s going to be tight, but it looks like I’ve got the space. I’ll wait until I actually prototype the circuit further before fleshing out the layout much more.

Anyway, thanks for staying tuned. I’ll post more as soon as possible.