Great observations on "event-driven" church

I just wanted to post this link here to a blog entry from Shaun Grove’s Blog regarding what he calls event-driven church. His thoughts mirror my own thoughts on the subject, though I’ve never really articulated them as he has done so well in his post. My denomination gets several honorable mentions throughout his post, and I think Shaun observed correctly, that the Seventh-day Adventist church has fewer problems when it comes to event-driven church. I think it is somehow easy for us in the SDA church to avoid the event-driven philosophy of doing church, but perhaps this comes too easily. Praise and worship on the scale of the larger, event-driven churches must have its place, no? I believe the key is praise and worship that truly comes from the heart of one who has been redeemed and understands what an unbelievable gift that is. Praise and worship must come from a true desire to give praise to our Creator and Redeemer. If this is forced, I doubt that it’s any more pleasing to God’s ears than the most half-hearted hymn-sing.