I found a real, live BBS!

Actually, I found two of them. I have been working with one of my old Macs lately – my IIsi. I connected my US Robotics 28.8kbps external modem to see if it still worked and fired up Z-Term 1.0.1. I was able to dial into another machine connected internally on my company’s PBX. That was great, but I yearned for the experience I had growing up, connecting to many BBSs with my 2400 bps modem. I knew I wasn’t likely to find one, but Googling for Nashville area BBSs revealed two local numbers. I tried them both out and got a CARRIER both times. One didn’t amount to much, but the other one was a discussion board that looked like it had some fairly recent activity. Anyway, it was a thrill to take a brief stroll down memory lane and sigh at the loss of a culture.