Impressions of Safari 2.0 Preview

I’ve had some more time to use the preview of Safari 2.0 that shipped with the Tiger WWDC preview, and I wanted to share my impressions of it. So far, I am really enjoying the new Safari. Of course, the biggest new feature is the built-in RSS aggregator. It really is nice. As I have come to expect from Apple, the interface is intuitive and provides quick navigation of RSS feeds. Another neat RSS feature is this:

<img src=”/images/Safari_RSS_alternate.png” width=”400” alt=”Image depicting Safari’s RSS button” />

When you connect to a site that lists its RSS feed in a link “alternate” tag, this [RSS] graphic is displayed in the address bar. Clicking it will bring up the feed in Safari’s RSS reader interface (pictured below).

<img src=”/images/Safari_RSS.png” width=”300” alt=”Safari’s RSS aggregator” /></a>

Anyway, I like the new RSS features of Safari.