IPv6 Devices Multiplying at Home!

Every computer / device on my home network is now running IPv6 and is routable via the 6bone. I have added my dual-celeron machine running apache2, (none of the following links will work for you unless you are on the 6bone) [monstersix.jonsharp.net] my 68-pin TINI [tini68.jonsharp.net], and my 72-pin TINI-based device [tad.jonsharp.net].

The really cool part of this post is that I now have a servlet running on my TAD device which allows users to put a message up on the LCD display of the device. I wrote this simple servlet over the past few days and plan to add more features to it as time allows. I am not aware of any other TINIs out there on the 6bone, so I am going to boldly declare that mine is the first! ;) Certainly it is the only one with a servlet that interfaces with an LCD display. Browsing the 6bone can be boring sometimes because there are relatively few sites out there right now, so I hope this provides yet another novel experience for other 6boners out there. If you’re not on the 6bone, check it out!