Localtalk Bridge and MacIP routing

First of all, let me say that I have not been posting very frequently because of the recent move and all the unpacking and other work involved with that. I’ve gotten a lot done on the new house and my wiring job looks great! I have wired 9 Cat5e connections throughout the house and patched them in to a nice panel in the basement. It’s a nice project.

I’ve made a little bit more progress working on my goal of having a fully-functional computer museum/lab set up at home. I’m trying to make my really old Macs a bit more useful by networking them with the rest of my machines. Some of the oldest Macs do not have Ethernet, but only Localtalk networking available. By installing the Localtalk Bridge control panel on my fastest 68k Mac, I was able to get my Mac Classic to communicate with my Linux server running netatalk using a Localtalk cable connected via printer ports on the two Macs.

My next step is to install NetBSD on my IIsi and set up macipgw so that I can route MacIP to my Classic over Localtalk. That’ll be exciting! I’ll keep you posted.