Mac OS X Server 10.4.5 update breaks RagePro

I’m probably only one of 3 people crazy enough to run Tiger Server on Beige G3 hardware, but I figure I’ll post this for those 2 others that may find this helpful. I recently applied the 10.4.5 update and was disappointed to see that my screen blanked upon reboot. As I am running VNC server on the box, I connected remotely to it to discover that the video was indeed messed up, even in VNC. I had been avoiding the “Patched RagePro” driver provided by XPostFacto because I had seen some artifacts when using it before, but the update has forced me to check that checkbox in XPostFacto to get any video. Of course, if I happen to notice too many artifacts, I suppose I can always install the 10.4.4 driver.

BTW, for anyone who may be curious about performance of Tiger Server on such old hardware, it’s really not that bad. I mean, it’s useful for browsing, email, testing, etc. I actually use it as a backup server. It runs Bacula backup software and backs up my network computers to an externally attached FireWire HD.