Making use of my PowerBook 1400

I recently made an investment in the PowerBook 1400 I inherited several months ago. After running across, describing using a Lucent WaveLan 802.11b PCMCIA card with the 1400, I ordered a used one on eBay. I also ordered a video expansion card that allows me to use an external display. When I inherited the PowerBook, it had a cracked LCD. I cheaply replaced the original passive-matrix display with an active-matrix display from one of the 1400c models. This is a great upgrade for my 1400cs/117. Maybe I’ll get a G3 upgrade for it someday. ;) But for now, I now have a great little older PowerBook with the ability to connect to my home wireless network and do monitor spanning onto my external monitor. I know, why do I bother? It’s the collector in me.