One of my many interests is in Sun hardware / software. I own two old SparcStation 2’s which I used to host this website for about 6 months and achieved a 100-day uptime. It is a great machine for being 12 years old. I plan to put what information I can share about my experience with Sun stuff on this page when I can. I had some experience with 4 Sun 280R servers at SAU. 3 were dual-processor machines. All of them were running 750Mhz or 800Mhz UltraSparc III processors with 8MB cache each.
They were sweet!

I also ran this website from a SparcStation 5 until it finally gave up the ghost. I have retired my SS2 for now and plan to keep it stored as my first full-time webserver! I was very pleased with my SS5 and it certainly did a better job of handling the load than my SS2.

Here are some Sun links: