Most of the things on this page are computers and related items. Below is a list of some of the more prominent ones I would like to own for my collection. If you have anything on my wishlist and would like to donate it or let me make an offer, let me know. Thanks.

Vintage Computing

  • Any of Tadpole Technology’s machines. Including the:
  • IBM RS/6000 N40 laptop made by Tadpole and:
  • Any Tadpole Sparcbook or HP/UX based Tadpole laptop
  • Any of the other IBM RS/6000 laptops made to run AIX such as the 820, 850 or 860
  • The Atari STacy notebook (or the other really rare Atari notebook released in Europe)
  • Any of the PDP-8/10/11 equipment from DEC.
  • Anything with a lage tape reel on it. (You know, 60s and 70s mainframe style)
  • Ross Technology’s SparcPlug computer that fits in a PC Bay.


  • Pack cover for my Gregory Shasta
  • Snow Peak Giga Power white gas stove.
  • A Kayak