OpenWrt ready to go

I have been keeping a close eye on the OpenWrt project ever since I purchased my Linksys Wrt54G 802.11g Wireless AP/Router. I have wanted to use the OpenWrt firmware to give my router IPv6 routing capabilities and provide finer-grained firewall/VPN control. I have been waiting for a while for the IPv6 modules and documentation to become available, and they have.

I checked everything out from CVS last week and built the firmware on my Linux box. (It does a complete cross-compile build for the MIPS architecture.) I now have the firmware image and kernel modules sitting on my Linux box waiting to be installed on my Wrt54G. I have hesitated to perform such an operation for obvious reasons. I am currently taking classes online, and I cannot be without my connection. Anyway, after I get a chance to go over and over the documentation, I’ll try to get my new router set up proper.