Overclocked PowerBook G3 Lombard

I overclocked my PowerBook G3 Lombard from 400Mhz to 466Mhz today. I am posting this using it. I have had absolutely no stability issues whatsoever. Heat doesn’t seem to be particularly worse, either. I have tried to push the machine, too. I played GLQuake and Quake 3 under OS 9 for more than an hour this evening. Aside from the machine just not being able to play Quake 3 well, I had no problems. I think I can tell a slight improvement in performance. I’d love to attempt a higher overclocking, and I am tempted, but I am very satisfied with the success of my procedure this afternoon. I like stability. :) All the same, I would like to see what this machine is truly capable of. Oh well, perhaps someday I’ll attempt a 400Mhz to 500Mhz overclocking by upping the FSB to 83Mhz. That should provide a noticeable improvement.