Below is a listing of some of the projects I am working on or have worked on. Several of these projects are ongoing, getting attention when I have the time.


BibleReaderME is a Java (J2ME) application designed for cell phones or other mobile devices with a J2ME JVM runtime environment, providing these devices access to the full text of the ESV Bible from Crossway Bibles.

Gameboy Ethernet Project

This project involved providing an ethernet connection to my Gameboy Color using an embedded Java computer named TINI. This involved some simple circuit assembly and lots of Java and Z80 assembly code. This is perhaps the project I am most proud of. I really hope to have some time in the future to do some more with it.


GBSimpleTerm is an application I developed for the Color Gameboy using Z80 assembly language. Currently, it is just a nice user interface intended to be married with the communications code from the Ethernet Gameboy project above. Perhaps when I get some more free time I’ll finish this up. :) This page also describes some other video game development I am interested in along with some useful links.