Video Game Development

I really enjoy video game / console development. In the past few years I’ve mostly dabbled with Nintendo Gameboy programming. I have put up this page to highlight a few of the consoles that I find particularly interesting. I also hope to have some of my own demos / programs / games / code posted in the future.

Nintendo Gameboy - GBSimpleTerm

I have just completed v0.3.3 of GBSimpleTerm, my RS232 terminal software for Gameboy Color based on Ken Kaarvik’s RS232 send and receive. You can view and download the source and rom:


GBSimpleTerm is coming along nicely. This version (0.3.3) is primarily just a demonstration of the user interface. None of the communications layer has yet been implemented. I will release newer versions on this page as I complete more of the program. Here is a current screenshot of GBSimpleTerm running on GnuBoy on Mac OS X:

GBSimpleTerm screenshot

In order to run the above rom, I recommend downloading GnuBoy or another good Gameboy Color emulator from Zophar’s Domain:

The older incarnation of GBSimpleTerm, CommBoy, is available on my Gameboy Ethernet. This page explains how I’ve used this code to make my Gameboy Ethernet accessible. (more or less)

The amateur Gameboy developers community is very active and it is easy to get started programming for the Gameboy Color or now the Gameboy Advance.

Below are just a few links to various amateur Gameboy development sites. The first link to is the most comprehensive GBDev site yet.

Gameboy Advance

My younger brother Justin has just finished his project for History class. He has written a short history trivia game for the Gameboy Advance. He has been very generous and listed my name in the credits, though I merely gave minor technical assistance as needed. You can download a copy of the rom image from

Atari Jaguar

Another one of my favorite video game consoles is the Atari Jaguar. The Atari Jaguar was the first 64-bit video game system ever released. (although that is up for debate.) The Jaguar did have impressive features for its time and although it is no longer commercially available, the Jaguar still has an active development community. The is the only emulator currently available, though it is still in very early alpha stages. Check out the following links for more info.

Jaguar Development Kit ConsoleDev’s Jaguar Page

Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx is a handheld video game console released back in 1989. The system was very impressive with a color screen, great sound and up-to 8 player gaming. Although the system is not available on the market anymore and games are not manufactured for it, the Lynx still has a community of amateur developers. Check following links for more details.

ConsoleDev’s Lynx Page The Lynx Domain Google Search for Lynx development