Refurbing my own PowerBook battery

When I inherited my PowerBook G3 Lombard, the battery I inherited yielded less than 1 hour of battery life. I didn’t mind this, because it still allowed me to be somewhat mobile and untethered from power. It didn’t take long, however, for the battery to fail entirely, leaving me with absolutely no battery life. Well, after running across recently for how to replace the cells inside the PowerBook battery pack myself, I decided to try it. I ordered 9 18650 Lithium Ion cells from and walked through the instructions. It was a bit tedious, and I had to be careful, but it was fairly straightforward and now I have a battery that gives me nearly 5 hours of battery life on my overclocked (466Mhz) Lombard! I’m very excited about this as I intend to install this in my Jeep as some sort of voice-controlled car computer.