Safari and Cacti

I’ve recently set up Cacti on my home office network for monitoring bandwidth usage, system load, memory usage, etc. Cacti is a phenomenal tool that allows you to create graphs for these various SNMP functions. I’ve been using Safari quite a bit lately, since discovering Safari Stand. But from the moment I set up Cacti, I noticed problems with Safari not loading the graph pages properly. It would report errors when trying to get the images, and often only 1 or 2 images would display, and even then, they were usually cut off. At first I thought I just needed to restart Safari, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Firefox has no problem loading the Cacti pages just fine, so it does not appear to be a server issue.

Perhaps I’m experiencing what this guy was experiencing. It sounds familiar, anyway. Now I won’t go so far as to say Safari sucks like he did, but it is frustrating that I can’t rely on it to display my network graphs. Anyway, if anyone else has experienced this, or perhaps knows of any fix for such problems, sound off below in the comments.