The Best of Both Worlds

I installed MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on my new Performa 640CD machine. It was a great trip down memory lane. It had been some time since I had seen a true DOS prompt and even longer since I had seen WFW 3.11. I was finally able to install Tie Fighter! It runs great on the little 486 PC built into this great machine. Sound and video both work great, and I’m waiting to dig up an old PC joystick so I can really play the game like it was meant to be played. I was also able to get two other great DOS games to run – Scorched Earth (Scorch) and Stunt Island. Both ran just like I remembered them. It was a great feeling to fire a crazy bomb at the computer tank across the screen and take my Cessna 172 for a spin around the island.

The more I play with this whole DOS compatible Mac, the more I’m amazed by it. It’s just remarkable how well engineered it was. I can share the Mac’s modem port with the PC as COM1 or COM2 and use my ADB-powered Mac Supra Modem from software on the PC, such as Telix. Not only that, but I can use the Mac’s ethernet card as a network adapter on the PC side! Apple provides drivers for DOS/Windows that allow you to share the Mac’s ethernet card and connect to your Windows / Netware network. I’m truly impressed.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to keep this machine around as it is truly the best of both worlds!