Type 3 Errors

Well, I said that I wasn’t having any trouble after upgrading the 68LC040 to the 68040, but I’m starting to see some trouble. I’m getting a number of Type 3 errors when trying to run programs like Netscape 4 and Quicktime 4. Most programs I had been using still seem to work just fine, but the consistent failure of several programs makes me concerned that my upgrade is not entirely stable. I’ve been able to work just fine without these programs so far, but I may desire to use them at some point, so I’ve got my original 68LC040 CPU set aside just in case.

In the meantime, I am enjoying using Think Pascal. It’s pretty cool to go back to a language I only tinkered with in my youth. I’m amazed at how much you can do with Pascal on the old Mac. I’m glad I picked up that Pascal textbook the School of Computing threw out several years ago. :)