Wacom ArtZ II working with 68k Mac OS 7.5.5

I just got my old Wacom ArtZ II tablet working with my PowerBook 165c. The tablet uses a Serial (DB9) interface, and I’ve successfully used it on several Macs running OS 9 using a Keyspan USB-to-serial PDA adapter. But I just recently got to wondering if I could get it running via the serial port on my older 68k Macs. The first trick was finding the drivers. I had to dig around in Wacom’s FTP site for a while, but I found the Mac OS 7-compatible drivers. The second trick was adapting the DB9 to the DIN-8 connector of the Mac. Fortunately, I hoard serial adapters like that and quickly came up with the winning combination. Once I installed the drivers, I rebooted and the driver found my tablet just fine! Anyway, I just thought that I would share with the world that it was possible to use the Serial (non-ADB) Wacom tablets with an old Mac. Now, I just need a copy of Photoshop 3. Anyone care to donate? ;)

Oh, and the truly interesting part of this story is that the writable area of the tablet is larger than the screen on my PB 165c!