Whigg Meadow

My friend Montie and I decided to take a Friday night trip to the Citico Creek Wilderness. We had wanted to visit McNabb Creek, but as it was late when we arrived, so we opted to hike to Whigg Meadow from Mud Gap on the Cherohala Skyway It had rained off and on that day and the air was damp, but the wind seemed to be pulling the clouds away. The forecast called for clear skies. The hike was an easy, slightly uphill climb to Whigg Meadow.

As we neared the meadow, however, the sky opened up on us. We took shelter under a tree at the edge of the meadow and took our packs off. I quickly unpacked my tent and came up with a quick plan to set it up in the downpour. I had never set this tent up in the rain, and by some strange luck, this would be the first time in years that I had camped in the rain. With the fly spread out over the tent and the groundcloth underneath, we threaded the poles through the middle of the sandwich. When it was all said and done, we were soaked to the bone and the tent managed to stay relatively dry. The rain stopped only moments after we were both inside the tent! Anyway, after drying off and climbing in our mostly dry sleeping bags, we were ok.

The next morning, we hiked to the top of the bald at the meadow and took in a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. It was particularly spectacular with the air being so clear after the weather had moved on.

We had breakfast by our camp, packed up and headed back down the trail. I found some Yarrow, an herb suitable for tea that seems to have as many uses as it does names.